Pieces. By Lasvit.

Some spaces are different, and more demanding, than others. For these unique spaces, Lasvit has curated a selection of their most definitive art pieces in order to re-imagine them as customisable sculptures that can be uniquely fit to the most demanding of spaces.

Elevated experiences for everyone, anywhere.

Pieces by Lasvit are imagined with a range of spaces in mind. From residences, hotels, restaurants and offices, our Lasvit designers re-think and re-purpose our most iconic sculptures to create a sublime artistic experience, tailored to taste and purpose.

Inspired Anew

Pieces By Lasvit are unlike any line of ordinary lighting products, Pieces by Lasvit are influenced from our past artistic statements, following previously defined artistic principles, but infused anew with the unique attitude and personal feeling of our collaborative customers

Principled Modularity.

Pieces by Lasvit strictly adhere to the artistic principles of their source but are designed to be adapted to any interior space through a variety of sizes, shapes, colour and compositions. 


Pieces by Lasvit are not off the shelf solutions. The final product is the result of artistic collaboration between our Lasvit designers and their partners. This personal and intensive design process leads to a fusion of perspectives and tastes, and a one-of-a-kind expression of a common vision.  

Lasvit Pieces

Crystal Rods


Twill / Lace


Dancing Leaves


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