Dancing Leaves

Experience the eternal shine of the autumn leaves

Nature is tricky and its beauty has always been difficult to grasp. Catching the wind, stopping the rain, and asking the setting sun to pause for a moment longer, these are feats impossible for everyone.

With glass, however, everyone is invited to balance between the movements of nature and state-of-the-art design.

Let yourself dance in the nature’s poem of the light

The Dancing Leaves is an installation designed to capture the look and falling of leaves, floating lightly and carelessly in the autumn wind, only to eventually fly away and be replaced. This breezy concept induces a feeling of dancing, and the dancing leaves only invite us to take this dance with them. Not only does their weightlessness deliver a feeling of perfect balance and harmony, but also narrates a sublime poem without using words.

A work of art manufactured with a human touch

Each element of the installation is composed from dozens of rendered glass components, all of which have been refined and hand sculpted by designer Ludek Hroch. Its one-of-a-kind essence can never be replaced by machine-made alternatives, and thus provides a luxury as unique and elevating as can be. The leaves alone come in several few finishes including clear, dark amber, light amber, and soda with bubbles concealed within the glass.

Dance your way to the light

The Dancing Leaves is part of Lasvit’s ICON concept and available as a ready-to-order solution. It comes in nine set standardizations – two versions of leaves arranged in a round shape, three in an oval shape and four cone shapes.


The installation can nevertheless be custom ordered, ready to meet all your wishes, and result in nothing less than excellence. Bespoke designs can be delivered in an array of colours and shapes to perfectly match your purpose and ideas.


The Peninsula Hotel


Private Residence Beirut



Clear + Gold Painted

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Clear + Opal Smudges

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Clear + Silver Mica

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Clear + Torn Light Amber

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