In this world, few things are more soothing to the sight and mind than water and pebbles on a calm beach, carelessly laying around and thriving on waves that slowly wash over them.

What happens when tradition meets innovation?

First introduced in 2013 in Chicago, USA, the installation named Pebbles came into life in The Langham, one of the city’s most prominent riverfront hotels, where it has been shining and providing breath-taking light and design experience ever since.

Lasvit’s in-house designers Jana Ruzickova and Tomas Hovorka have developed two elegant and expansive glass art installations for the lobby of The Langham, combining traditional Bohemian glassmaking with innovative design and technology.

Swim in the light beauty of the river

Hand-blown glass pebbles were used in the making of this exquisite work of art, and they came in two sets of colours, suspended at varying distances. The bubble-like pebbles are individually unique in shape and internally coated in liquid metal, chosen to represent the reflective and fluid qualities of water. Their mirror-like nature creates a river that appears unique from any angle.

An installation as demanding as you please

As unique as it comes, the installation Pebbles offers almost limitless possibilities regardless of how demanding space can be. For any design and composition of your choice, the creative artistry of Lasvit’s designers will provide a solution ready to meet (and go beyond) all your wishes and expectations.

Pebbles are available in five component sizes and four compositions. Regarding the colour of the glass, you can select from more than 20 options ranging from metallic to colourful shades.


The Langham Hotel


Dhamani Villa


The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Intro Concept Gallery